Sunshine Coast Dog Sitting or Minding, 


Knowing what your dog needs has been my  job now for 15yrs now.

Its Summer Time on the Coast,
Surf, See and Sand and Burnt Puppies feet.

Are you suffering from the heatwave too?

Well So are your Dogs! That’s why, we insist that after our morning walk We come home to a lovely cool air con house for your Pets. 

Like you our pets require company, 
Especially if you've just gone back to work.
Dont let them get lonely and have the neighbours tell you they're crying.

Many of the dogs here are greyhounds, whippets,  and dogs that love the couch , a walk and the sun.

Lazy  and a mix of fluffy and smooth coat.
one thing they have in common....
after a free walk they sleep all day.
Bed, couches, or in deck in the sun

We dont take your new puppy

We don't have cages -or seperate the dogs

At night they sleep where we sleep.

Daily beachside or town walks  included in price.
Minutes from Kings Beach. Caloundra

Ari- One of Our Covid Stays

What Our Customers Say. 

Our whippets get traumatised from dog kennels so it was so great to have them stay with Michael in a normal home environment. You can tell how much he loves animals and would highly recommend using his services 

A great place for your dogs to stay when you're away! Highly recommend this home away from home for your pups, whether for day care or longer, you will feel comfortable knowing your dogs are happy and safe :)


                     We take photos for the parents.
                      So they know what their up doing.






am - 5pm


Includes walks

walking to town , the beach walkway or the dog beach

Includes walks

walking to town , the beach walkway or the dog beach

Meals provide by owner  so your dog goes home healthy.

Then we settle in for the evening
Cage Free.

Any dogs staying with us  for an extended period become part of our family. 

All dog joining us as part of the clan have to be previously neutered.  This is a decision for each owner, however are the rules of this dog house.

Lastly,  Dogs Staying with us must be 2 years of age and older, to prevent  'accidents'  and annoying other  dogs.


meet n greet

For all potential customers and their pets.

 Free meet and greet to see that your happy with the accommodation, us, and they're happy too.

Then the next visit becomes far less stressful for you both.