Sunshine Coast Dog Minding                    

              where your  pets walks are free.

Always Open For Your Dogs During Lockdowns   

We've been minding your dogs as a full-time job for 14 years now....

Based here at Kings Beach,  Caloundra on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.

 We  have wonderful Clients in Caloundra and ones that travel up from Brisbane and afar come stay with us  too.

At Sunshine Coast Dog Minding we don't leave your pets alone- AT ALL.

 We take the time to bond with your pets so they feel loved and cared for ... so you can enjoy you holiday without the worry.

Size is not a restriction here we take small guys,  large dogs and giant breed too! 

Their Manners  however are.... if they have none ... well you get it... Learned.!

You get a lot of dogs from shelters and re-homed dogs.Your dog with the anxiety problem is our speciality.

 We Dont take puppies under 2 as  Cute as they are ....not till they know that toilet outside is actually outside.. not my deck, my rug or our bed..

All dogs visiting  both male and female  must me spayed .
This is alway each owners choice, we respect yours.

As you will respect that we dont except non neutered dogs here and  you will call someone that does. I do now send you away!

Note to all owners  :  We do have a flight of stairs in our home. In case your dog has arthritis  or  just hasn't done stairs before. 

Free visitation with you pet. Come and see if their next holiday or daycare is here.